Hawaii motorcycle helmet Laws 


Hawaii Motorcycle helmet laws require all riders and passengers below 18 years of age to wear helmets with chin straps. 

According to the Hawaii motorcycle helmet use laws, which cover mopeds, protective wear like the helmet is mandatory for riders under the age of 18. Children less than 7 years old are banned from riding on mopeds or motorcycles. Hawaii is one of the states that has repealed the mandatory helmet use stipulated by the universal helmet law. 

Based on the data compiled by the NHTSA, states that have universal helmet use laws see reduced fatalities. During a crash wearing a helmet minimizes death risk by 42% and head injury risk by 69%. The chances of head injuries and the medical expenses caused by motorcycle injuries can be fatal.

Hawaii Motorcycle helmet law was established in 1977. The operation of motorbikes on public roadways is governed by state-specific rules in the United States. Hawaii is no different. These laws are in place to protect cyclists and perhaps other road users.

Before riding a motorcycle in Hawaii, you should familiarise yourself with the state’s special motorcycle rules. The regulations may alter based on the age of the driver or passenger, as they do with many state laws controlling road safety. While riding or driving a motorbike, riders underneath the age of 18 must wear a helmet with a chin strap.

Hawaii motorcycle helmet laws are subject to change as state helmet laws across the USA are periodically revised. Click here to check for any changes to Hawaii motorcycle helmet laws, as this is the best Hawaii state government source for motorcycle helmet laws and regulations we know of. 

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Hawaii motorcycle helmet law EXEMPTIONS

Fact: Approximately 60% of US states offer exemptions to motorcycle helmet laws that allow a rider to decline to wear a motorcycle helmet while operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. Common exemptions are allowed for the age of the rider, the experience of the rider, if the rider has proof of adequate health insurance, or if the rider has taken a certified motorcycle driving safety course. 


18 or Above

EXEMPTIONS for experience


EXEMPTIONS for taking a safety course


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