Arkansas motorcycle helmet Laws 


The Arkansas state motorcycle helmet usage law requires motorcycle operators and passengers aged 20 years or younger to wear a helmet. But, the passenger must be above 7 years old to sit on the motorcycle. 

As per the Arkansas state motorcycle law, motorcyclists and passengers under 21 years must wear a helmet. The helmet should be securely fastened. This motorcycle law does not include three-wheel motorcycles that are used by municipal police departments with a windshield, cab, and less than twenty horsepower (20 hp). 

All operators and riders of motorcycles must wear transparent face shields, goggles, and protective glasses while riding, no matter how old they are. The state law also informs that if the passenger is a child, then they must be 8 years or older to sit on the motorcycle unless the motorcycle is taking part in a parade. 

Arkansas Motorcycle Helmet laws aid in the prevention of significant injury and harm to riders. Not that all states, although, have universal helmet laws. Among of them is Arkansas. The required motorcycle helmet law inside the state was removed in 1997. Instead, lawmakers passed a legislation requiring only riders and passengers underneath the age of 21 to wear helmets. 

Motorcyclists suffered serious effects as a result of its repeal. Adults are not required to wear helmets in Arkansas, one of the several states that don’t even. Instead, anyone under the age of 21 who rides a motorcycle should wear helmets. You were not needed to wear safety headgear if you are beyond the age of 21.

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Arkansas motorcycle helmet law EXEMPTIONS

Fact: Approximately 60% of US states offer exemptions to motorcycle helmet laws that allow a rider to decline to wear a motorcycle helmet while operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. Common exemptions are allowed for the age of the rider, the experience of the rider, if the rider has proof of adequate health insurance, or if the rider has taken a certified motorcycle driving safety course. 


21 or Above

EXEMPTIONS for experience


EXEMPTIONS for taking a safety course


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