Arizona motorcycle helmet Laws 


The Arizona state motorcycle helmet usage law requires riders aged 17 or younger to wear a helmet. All motorcyclists should wear goggles, a transparent face shield, and glasses.

As per the Arizona state motorcycle helmet laws, that is, ARS 28-964, it is not compulsory for a person aged 18 years or older to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Plus, all motorcyclists and passengers, irrespective of their age, must wear a transparent face shield, goggles, and glasses while riding.

The motorcycle should have some necessary equipment as well, including footrests, a secure seat, and a rear-view mirror for both the driver and passenger. The Arizona Department for Public Safety also informs that in 2016, half of the motorcyclists who went through fatal collision were not wearing a helmet.

Arizona Motorcycle Helmet laws were legally required only for motorcycle riders and passengers underneath the age of eighteen in Arizona. Authorities had considered making helmet wear compulsory for all motorcyclists in recent decades. Lawmakers most frequently presented HB 2246 in 2019. All bikers would’ve been required to wear helmets under the law.

A rider might, therefore, pay fees to be exempted from the proposed regulation. Presently, solely someone under the age of 18 is required to wear helmets, although Arizona mandates all motorcyclists to wear protective eyewear irrespective of age. They could use goggles or glasses to safeguard their eyes or a transparent face cover on their helmets.

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Arizona motorcycle helmet law EXEMPTIONS

Fact: Approximately 60% of US states offer exemptions to motorcycle helmet laws that allow a rider to decline to wear a motorcycle helmet while operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. Common exemptions are allowed for the age of the rider, the experience of the rider, if the rider has proof of adequate health insurance, or if the rider has taken a certified motorcycle driving safety course. 


18 or Above

EXEMPTIONS for experience


EXEMPTIONS for taking a safety course


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